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Director: Richard Jones (Dir)
Release Date:   Aug 1918
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Mabel Normand (Mickey)  
    George Nichols (Joe Meadows)  
    Wheeler Oakman (Herbert Thornhill)  
    Minta Durfee (Elsie Drake)  
    Laura Lavarnie (Mrs. Geoffrey Drake)  
    Lewis Cody (Reggie Drake)  
    Tom Kennedy (Tom Rawlings)  
    Minnie Ha Ha (Minnie)  

Summary: Mickey, an orphan, is brought up in the California mining country by her father's mining partner, Joe Meadows, and his housekeeper Minnie, an old Indian woman. A tomboy whose chief occupation is getting into trouble, Mickey nonetheless endears herself to all who meet her, particularly Herbert Thornhill, a New York millionaire who has been called out West on business. Mickey's socially ambitious but penniless aunt, Mrs. Geoffrey Drake, learns that Mickey owns a gold mine, so invites the girl to live in her lavish estate on Long Island, but when Joe reveals that the mine is worthless, Mickey is forced to become a servant. Believing that Mickey has deserted him, Herbert becomes engaged to Mrs. Drake's daughter Elsie, while the brutish Reggie Drake showers unwelcome attentions on Mickey. One evening, however, Herbert bumps into Mickey as she is fleeing from Reggie, and they renew their romance. Herbert's lawyer, Tom Rawlings, realizing his client's predicament, informs Herbert that he has lost his millions, whereupon Elsie breaks their engagement, and after Reggie's plan to ruin Herbert and force Mickey into marriage fails, the Eastern businessman and his Western tomboy marry. 

Production Company: Mabel Normand Feature Film Co.  
Distribution Company: State Rights  
  W. H. Productions Co.  
Director: Richard Jones (Dir)
  James Young (Dir)
Producer: Mack Sennett (Prod)
Photography: Hugh C. McClung (Cam)
  Frank D. Williams (Cam)
  Fred Jackman (Cam)
Country: United States
Language: English

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Hyman Winick 25/2/1918 dd/mm/yyyy LP12164

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Businessmen
Subjects (Minor): Aunts
  Gold mines
  Indians of North America
  Long Island (NY)

Note: Rehearsals for this film began on 15 May 1916. Modern sources note that filming stopped in the fall of 1916 because of Mabel Normand's illness, that the film was completed and ready for distribution by the spring of 1917, but that it was not released until 11 Aug 1918. Western Import Co. owned the world rights to the film in 1918 and by Jul 1918 had made arrangements for W. H. Productions Co. to distribute it to the state rights market.
       Some sources credit Mack Sennett with direction and writing. Hampton Del Ruth, the managing editor and assistant manager of production of the Keystone Film Co., was involved in the pre-production stage of this film, according to a news item. Minnie Ha Ha, an American Indian actress in the film, was also known as Minnie Provost. A song entitled "Mickey," lyrics by Harry Williams, music by Neil Moret, was published by Daniels & Wilson early in 1918, and was used as the theme in the music score. According to modern sources, J. G. Hawks wrote the scenario, Edgar Kennedy played the role of a bookie, and William Colvin appeared as the butler.
       Mickey was reissued in the 1920s by Film Booking Offices of America, Inc. In reissue titles, the name of Minta Durfee is misspelled "Minta Durffy" and Lewis Cody is misspelled "Louis Cody." 

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