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Tillie Wakes Up
Alternate Title: Tillie's Night Out
Director: Harry Davenport (Dir)
Release Date:   29 Jan 1917
Duration (in reels):   5
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Cast:   Marie Dressler (Tillie Tinkelpaw)  
    Johnny Hines (Mr. Pipkins)  
    Frank Beamish (Henry Tinkelpaw)  
    Ruby de Remer (Mrs. Luella Pipkins)  
    Ruth Barrett (Mrs. Nosey)  
    Jack Brown (Mr. Nosey)  

Summary: Henpecked Mr. Pipkins and husband-pecked Tillie Tinklepaw rebel against the belittling treatment administered to them by their respective mates. One day when his wife goes to her club, Pipkins appropriates her savings. At the same time, Tillie resolves to venture out and have a good time in her husband's absence. By coincidence, the Pipkins, Tinklepaws and Noseys all live in the same apartment house and when Tillie and Mr. Pipkins leave the house together, they are observed by the Noseys. Together they go to Coney Island where, after a lively time and a number of thrilling acrobatic adventures, they flee the park together just as Mr. Tinklepaw and Mrs. Pipkins come in search of their mates. After a chase, the truant pair are rescued from an ocean wave and a loving reconciliation with their respective mates follows. 

Production Company: World Film Corp.; Peerless  
Distribution Company: World Film Corp.  
Director: Harry Davenport (Dir)
Producer: William A. Brady (Pres)
Writer: Frances Marion (Scen)
  Mark Swan (Story)
Photography: Edward Horn (Cam)
Country: United States
Language: English

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
World Film Corp. 13/1/1917 dd/mm/yyyy LU9987

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Comedy
Subjects (Major): Marriage
  New York City--Coney Island
Subjects (Minor): Theft

Note: The original title of this film was Tillie's Night Out

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