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Mother's Boy
Director: Bradley Barker (Dir)
Release Date:   12 May 1929
Premiere Information:   New London, CT opening: 15 Apr 1929
Duration (in mins):   82
Duration (in feet):   7,423
Duration (in reels):   8
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Cast:   Morton Downey (Tommy O'Day)  
    Beryl Mercer (Mrs. O'Day)  
    John T. Doyle (Mr. O'Day)  
    Brian Donlevy (Harry O'Day)  
    Helen Chandler (Rose Lyndon)  
    Osgood Perkins (Jake Sturmberg)  
    Lorin Raker (Joe Bush)  
    Barbara Bennett (Beatrix Townleigh)  
    Jennie Moskowitz (Mrs. Apfelbaum)  
    Jacob Frank (Mr. Apfelbaum)  
    Louis Sorin (Mr. Bumble)  
    Robert Gleckler (Gus Le Grand)  
    Tyrrell Davis (Duke of Pomplum)  
    Allen Vincent (Dinslow)  
    Leslie Stowe (Evangelist)  

Summary: Tommy O'Day, an Irish lad with a golden voice who lives on the Lower East Side of New York, is unjustly accused by his father of stealing the family savings. Tommy leaves home and meets up with Joe Bush, a press agent who gets him a job singing in a cabaret. Tommy is a success and soon obtains a leading part in a Broadway revue. As the curtain is about to rise on opening night, however, Tommy receives word from his sweetheart, Rose Lyndon, that his mother, whom he has not seen since leaving home, is apparently dying. Tommy deserts the show and goes to her bedside, bringing her back to life and health with a beautiful song. Tommy's mother completely recovers, and he is excused by the revue manager. Tommy becomes a star. 

Production Company: Pathé Exchange, Inc.  
Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange, Inc.  
Director: Bradley Barker (Dir)
  James Seymour (Dial supv)
Producer: Robert T. Kane (Prod)
Writer: Gene Markey (Story, scen and dial)
Photography: Harry Stradling (Dir of photog)
  Walter Strenge (Dir of photog)
  Philip Tannura (Dir of photog)
Film Editor: Edward Pfitzenmeier (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Clark Robinson (Set dec)
Sound: V. S. Ashdown (Rec eng)
  J. A. Delaney (Rec eng)
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: "There'll Be You and I," words and music by Bud Green and Sam H. Stept; "Come to Me," words and music by Bud Green, Sam H. Stept and Will Collins; "The World Is Yours and Mine," words and music by Bud Green, Sam H. Stept and James F. Hanley.
Composer: Will Collins
  Bud Green
  James F. Hanley
  Sam H. Stept
Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Pathé Exchange, Inc. 19/5/1929 dd/mm/yyyy LP395

Physical Properties: Sd: RCA Photophone

Genre: Musical
Subjects (Major): Cabarets
  Family life
  Family relationships
  Irish Americans
  Musical revues
  New York City--Broadway
  New York City--Lower East Side
  Press agents


Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
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New York Times   8 May 1929   p. 34.
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