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The Battle of the Sexes
Alternate Title: The Single Standard
Director: D. W. Griffith (Dir)
Release Date:   12 Apr 1914
Duration (in reels):   5
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Cast:   Donald Crisp (Frank Andrews)  
    Lillian Gish (Jane, his daughter)  
    Robert Harron (John, his son)  
    Mary Alden (Mrs. Andrews)  
    Owen Moore (Cleo's lover)  
    Fay Tincher (Cleo)  
    W. E. Lawrence    

Summary: Frank Andrews, who is affluent, middle-aged, and a devoted family man, has his domestic bliss interrupted by Cleo, a sultry new neighbor. Cleo leaves her door ajar, enabling Frank to see her ankles, and later sets her apartment on fire with a cigarette, summoning him with cries for help. Seeing her in a negligee, Frank kisses Cleo passionately, thus beginning their clandestine affair. Gradually, Frank becomes less and less attentive to his business and family, preferring to spend time with Cleo and lavish gifts upon her. Mrs. Andrews is aware of the affair, but despite her broken heart, she does nothing. Their daughter Jane goes to Cleo, intent on killing her, but instead touches her heart, and the women devise a plan to stop the affair. When Andrews next comes to Cleo's apartment, he finds her former lover attempting to seduce Jane. Andrews reproaches his daughter, who then points out the hypocrisy of his reprimand. Realizing his mistakes, Andrews reconciles himself to his family, after which Cleo vacates her apartment. 

Production Company: Majestic Motion Picture Co.  
Distribution Company: Mutual Film Corp.; Continental Feature Film Corp.  
Director: D. W. Griffith (Dir)
Writer: Daniel Carson Goodman (Scen)
Photography: G. W. Bitzer (Cam)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text:

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Family life
  Moral corruption
  Moral reformation
Subjects (Minor): Fathers and daughters

Note: The working title of the film was The Single Standard . Contemporary sources conflict about distribution company. Modern sources list James Smith and Rose Richtel as film editors. Griffith re-made the film in 1928 (see entry below). The 1929 film The Single Standard is unrelated to either Griffith film. 

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