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The Winning of Barbara Worth
Director: Henry King (Dir)
Release Date:   Dec 1926
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles premiere: 14 Oct 1926
Duration (in feet):   8,757
Duration (in reels):   9
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Cast:   Ronald Colman (Willard Holmes)  
    Vilma Banky (Barbara Worth)  
    Charles Lane (Jefferson Worth)  
    Paul McAllister (The Seer)  
    E. J. Ratcliffe (James Greenfield)  
    Gary Cooper (Abe Lee)  
    Clyde Cook (Tex)  
    Erwin Connelly (Pat)  
    Sam Blum (Blanton)  

Summary: Willard Holmes, an eastern engineer, comes west to assist his unscrupulous stepfather in the execution of a vast desert irrigation project, and he meets Barbara Worth, adopted daughter of banker Jefferson Worth, who originated the reclamation plan. Holmes's stepfather, Greenfield, builds a cheap and dangerous intake at the river to fleece the settlers of their money. Worth moves away to form another city, offering the settlers free land and water. The avaricious Greenfield shuts off Worth's credit and breeds discontent among his workers. To bring money, Holmes and Abe Lee make a desperate ride across the mountains and succeed, though Lee is wounded. Greenfield's dam overflows and floods his town, but Holmes succeeds in building a new dam and marries Barbara. 

Production Company: Samuel Goldwyn, Inc.  
Distribution Company: United Artists Corp.  
Director: Henry King (Dir)
Producer: Samuel Goldwyn (Pres)
Writer: Frances Marion (Adpt)
Photography: George Barnes (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Karl Oscar Borg (Art dir)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Based on the novel The Winning of Barbara Worth by Harold Bell Wright (Chicago, 1911).
Authors: Harold Bell Wright

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Samuel Goldwyn, Inc. 2/12/1926 dd/mm/yyyy LP23391

Physical Properties: Si:

Genre: Western
Subjects (Major): Bandits
  Capitalists and financiers
  Reclamation of land

Note: The film marked the first credited screen appearance of two-time Academy Award-winning Best Actor Gary Cooper (1901--1961).  

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