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The Man Upstairs
Alternate Title: The Agony Column
Director: Roy Del Ruth (Dir)
Release Date:   22 Jan 1926
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Monte Blue (Geoffrey West)  
    Dorothy Devore (Marion Larnard)  
    Helen Dunbar (Aunt Hattie)  
    John Roche (Captain Fraser-Freer)  
    Stanley Taylor (Norman Fraser-Freer)  
    Carl Stockdale (Enright)  
    Charles Conklin (Mose)  

Summary: Geoffrey West, a traveler and adventurer, sees a girl in a London hotel and uses the personals column of a newspaper to get in touch with her. The girl, Marion Larnard, then sets a test for Geoffrey: he is to write her a letter each day for 5 days and, if he proves himself to be an interesting fellow, she will have dinner with him. As a joke, Geoffrey convinces Marion that he has done away with a certain Captain Fraser-Freer; Marion is, at first, quite concerned, but when she realizes that Geoffrey is jesting, she decides to teach him a lesson. She arranges with Fraser-Freer to disappear and has Geoffrey arrested for his murder. Letting Geoffrey fret for a while, Marion eventually arranges for his release and assures him that he has indeed proved himself to be an interesting fellow. 

Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  
Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  
Director: Roy Del Ruth (Dir)
Writer: E. T. Lowe Jr. (Scr)
Photography: Allan Thompson (Dir of photog)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Based on the novel The Agony Column by Earl Derr Biggers (Indianapolis, IN, 1916).
Authors: Earl Derr Biggers

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 21/1/1926 dd/mm/yyyy LP22285

Physical Properties: Si:

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Adventurers
  Advice columns

Note: According to information in the Warner Bros. Archive at the University of Southern California, the working title of the film was The Agony Column . Earl Derr Biggers' novel was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post (8 Jul--22 Jul 1916). For information on other screen adaptations of Biggers' novel, consult the entry for the 1918 Vitagraph production of The Blind Adventure , directed by Wesley H. Ruggles and starring Edward Earle and Betty Howe. 

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Atlanta Constitution   27 Jun 1926   p. E4.
Hartford Courant   22 Aug 1926   p. A3.
Pittsburgh Press   14 Feb 1926   p. 55.

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