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Range Warfare
Alternate Title: Vengeance
Director: S. Roy Luby (Dir)
Release Date:   1935
Production Date:   mid-Mar 1935 at California Sound Studios, Inc.
Duration (in mins):   60
Duration (in feet):   4,995
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Cast:   Reb Russell (Reb)  
    Lucille Lund (Little Feather)  
    Wally Wales    
    Roger Williams    
    Charles Whittaker    
    Lafe McKee    
    Edward Boland    
    Dick Botiller    
    Ed Porter    
    Gene Alsace    
    Chief Black Hawk    
    Rebel (Himself, a horse)  

Summary: Reb sees Brady being cruel to Little Feather, an Indian who occasionally works for Callahan. Callahan later tells Reb that Little Feather is rarely let off the Indian Reservation and that De Kalb, the corrupt official in charge of the Reservation, is cheating the Indians by charging them exorbitant prices for food. Reb goes to the reservation to investigate and, posing as a rustler, gets De Kalb to reveal that he is buying cattle stolen by Sheriff Turner and his gang. Reb arrests DeKalb and takes him back to Callahan's ranch in order to sign a statement implicating the members of the rustling operation and clearing Tommy of any involvement. Then, Monroe sends Reb a message supposedly from Slade challenging Reb to a duel at a local saloon. Reb soon realizes that Slade did not send the message, but the surly Slade nevertheless initiates a gun battle and Reb kills him. In the meantime, Sue is kidnapped by Turner and Monroe, and Reb, Callahan and Little Feather go to the rescue. Reb succeeds in capturing Turner and Monroe and they are turned over to federal authorities. Tommy, his name now cleared, is given a job on a neighboring ranch, and a grateful Callahan and Sue bid farewell as Reb rides off to new adventures. 

Production Company: Willis Kent Productions  
Distribution Company: State Rights  
Director: S. Roy Luby (Dir)
Photography: James Diamond (Photog)
Film Editor: Roy Claire (Ed)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the short story "The Death Whistler" by E. B. Mann (publication undetermined).
Authors: E. B. Mann

Physical Properties: Sd:

Genre: Western
Subjects (Major): False accusations
  Government agents
  Indians of North America
Subjects (Minor): Gunfights
  Indians of North America--Reservations
  Ranch foremen

Note: The plot synopsis is based on a dialogue continuity deposited in the NYSA on 25 Apr 1935. Some credits were obtained from a fragment of a re-release version of the film titled Vengeance . Although an exact release date has not been found, the film was reviewed by Exh on 1 Jun 1935. According to modern sources, the cast included Bart Carre. 

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
The Exhibitor   1 Jun 35   p. 48.
Hollywood Reporter   11 Mar 35   p. 15.

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