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Tiger Shark
Director: Howard Hawks (Dir)
Release Date:   24 Sep 1932
Duration (in mins):   78 or 80
Duration (in reels):   8
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Cast:   Edward G. Robinson (Mike Mascarenhas)  
    Richard Arlen (Pipes Boley)  
    Zita Johann (Quita Silva)  
    Leila Bennett (Muggsey [The barber])  
    J. Carroll Naish (Tony)  
    Vince Barnett (Fishbone)  
    William Ricciardi (Manuel Silva)  

Summary: After surviving a shipwreck, San Diego tuna fisherman Mike Mascarenhas, an immigrant from Portugal, loses a hand to a shark. The following season, one of his crew, Manuel Silva, falls overboard and is killed by the sharks following the boat. Mike brings the bad news to Quita, Manuel's daughter. Moved by Quita's beauty as well as her lonely situation, Mike, who is unpopular with women, takes care of her, bringing her food and money. When he asks her to marry him, Quita confesses that she does not love him, but he insists that this does not matter to him and he will accept her as she is. Touched by his generosity, Quita agrees to marry him. At the wedding, however, she falls in love with Pipes Boley, a fellow fisherman who is Mike's best man. When Quita tells Pipes of her love, he plans to leave town, but before he does, he catches a fishing hook on the back of his neck and Mike brings him home to recover. While Quita nurses him, she and Pipes fall deeper in love. Quita accompanies Mike and Pipes on a fishing trip, where, overcome by her feelings, she embraces Pipes, unaware that Mike is watching. Angry, Mike punches Pipes and dumps his unconscious body into a leaking boat, where, he gloats, the sharks will enact justice. As Mike watches the sharks surround Pipes, his foot is caught in a line and he is dragged overboard, where the sharks attack him. The men pull him out and he dies of his injuries after apologizing to Pipes and Quita. 

Production Company: First National Pictures, Inc. (Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.)
Distribution Company: First National Pictures, Inc.  
  The Vitaphone Corp.  
Director: Howard Hawks (Dir)
  Richard Rosson (Asst dir)
Producer: Bryan Foy (Supv)
Writer: Wells Root (Scr)
  Houston Branch (Story)
Photography: Tony Gaudio (Photog)
  Frank Kesson (2d cam)
  Carl Guthrie (Asst cam)
Art Direction: Jack Okey (Art dir)
  Captain Guy Silva (Marine supv by)
Film Editor: Thomas Pratt (Ed)
Costumes: Orry-Kelly (Gowns)
Music: Leo F. Forbstein (Vitaphone Orch cond)
Sound: C. A. Riggs (Sd)
  A. D. Mair (Sd)
Production Misc: Mac Julian (Still photog)
Country: United States

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
First National Pictures, Inc. 3/9/1932 dd/mm/yyyy LP3228

Physical Properties: Sd:

Genre: Romance
Subjects (Major): Fishermen
  Portuguese Americans
  Romantic rivalry
Subjects (Minor): Marriage
  Prostheses and artificial limbs
  San Diego (CA)

Note: According to copyright records the title of Houston Branch's unpublished short story was "Tuna." The plot of this film strongly resembles that of the 1936 Warner Bros. film Bengal Tiger written by Roy Chanslor and Earl Felton (see AFI Catalog of Feature Films, 1931-40 ; F3. 0287). Outdoor sequences were filmed on location in Monterey, CA. Modern sources name John Lee Mahin and Howard Hawks as uncredited writers. 

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