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Jewels of Desire
Director: Paul Powell (Dir)
Release Date:   3 Jan 1927
Duration (in feet):   5,427
Duration (in reels):   6
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Cast:   Priscilla Dean (Margarita Solano)  
    John Bowers (Maclyn Mills)  
    Walter Long (Pedro)  
    Luke Cosgrave (Captain Blunt)  
    Syd Crossley (Taxi driver)  
    Ernie Adams (The Rat)  
    Raymond Wells (Spanish Joe)  
    Marie Percivale (Old Indian woman)  

Summary: Margarita Solano inherits a large Spanish estate, which she finds in a state of disrepair. An old Indian servant gives her a casket in which she finds an ancient Spanish map, which Margarita and Captain Blunt examine. Maclyn Mills, an attorney, serves a summons on Margarita to foreclose a mortgage on the property, and with his help they embark on a search for a buried treasure indicated on the map. Pedro and his confederates, Spanish Joe and The Rat, steal the map, find the treasure, and kidnap Mills and Blunt; but Margarita rescues them and outwits Pedro. She is forced, however, to jump from a precipice, but is rescued from the sea by Mills. The bandits are brought to justice, and Margarita and Mills decide to share the treasure as husband and wife. 

Production Company: Metropolitan Pictures Corp.  
Distribution Company: Producers Distributing Corp.  
Director: Paul Powell (Dir)
  Ed Bernoudy (Asst dir)
Producer: John C. Flinn (Pres)
Writer: Anthony Coldewey (Adpt)
Photography: Georges Benoit (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Charles Cadwallader (Art dir)
Production Misc: Bert Gilroy (Prod mgr)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Suggested by the novel Jewels of Desire by Agnes Parsons (publication undetermined).
Authors: Agnes Parsons

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Metropolitan Pictures Corp. 20/12/1926 dd/mm/yyyy LP23451

Physical Properties: Si:

Genre: Romance
Subjects (Major): Buried treasure
  Jumps from heights


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