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In a Moment of Temptation
Director: Philip Carle (Dir)
Release Date:   18 Sep 1927
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Cast: Charlotte Stevens  (Polly)
  Grant Withers  (Ed)
  Cornelius Keefe  (Martin Breen)

Summary: Polly, a shopgirl, discovers that Ed, her sweetheart, is a crook when he steals the purse of Alice Gage, a wealthy society girl. Martin Breen witnesses the crime, and because he tries to defend the girl, Alice's jealousy is aroused and she has Polly charged with being an accomplice in the crime. Timothy Gage, Alice's grandfather, is an invalid and is ruthlessly controlled by his grandchild; he suggests a trip to increase her affection for Martin and to rid himself of her tyranny. Meanwhile, Polly is released from prison on good behavior; and seeking revenge, she agrees to help Blunty rob the Gage residence; Gage catches them in the act, but takes an interest in Polly and adopts her, while she also falls in love with Martin. Alice convinces Polly that she would ruin Martin. In attempting to protect Ed from a further robbery attempt, Polly tries to implicate herself, but Blunty convinces Martin and Gage that she is guiltless. Martin and Polly are reunited. 

Distribution Company: Film Booking Offices of America
Production Company: R-C Pictures Corp.
Director: Philip Carle (Dir)
Producer: Joseph P. Kennedy (Pres)
Writer: Julia Crawford Ivers (Adpt)
  Laura Jean Libbey (Story)

Subject Major: Grandfathers

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