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Christening and Launching Kaiser Wilhelm's Yacht "Meteor"
Release Date:   Feb 1902
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Cast: President Theodore Roosevelt  
  Alice Roosevelt  
  Mayor Seth Low  

Summary: Edison summary: At the christening and launching, our cameras occupied a most enviable position, being within ten feet of Miss Alice Roosevelt and Prince Henry at the time the bottle was broken. The scene opens by the band of the Royal Yacht "Hohenzollern" marching up the platform. Next a close view is shown of the arrival of President Roosevelt, who shakes hands with Mayor Seth Low, of New York City. Next comes Prince Henry and Miss Alice Roosevelt, accompanied by Colonel Bingham, of the U. S. Army, and Ambassador Count von Holleben, followed closely by Admiral Count Baudissin, of the Hohenzollern, Adjutant General Corbin and representative officers of the United States and German armies and navies. The party immediately proceed to the launching stand, followed by our panoramic cameras, Miss Alice Roosevelt leaning on the arm of Prince Henry of Prussia. A short wait taken up by conversation between Prince Henry, President Roosevelt and his daughter here ensues. Miss Roosevelt is instructed by Mr. Downey, of the ship building firm of Townsend & Downey, regarding the breaking of the bottle and cutting of the rope which is to free the "Meteor" and send her from her wooden cradle to embrace the welcoming sea. Miss Roosevelt then seizes the bottle and with the words "In the name of Emperor Wilhelm I christen thee 'Meteor'" dashes it against the port bow of the yacht. She then seizes the silver hatchet prepared for the occasion and severs the rope which releases the "Meteor." A shiver seems to pass over the graceful yacht as if in anticipation of the cold plunge before her, but the baptism of wine gives her vigor. Swiftly and gracefully she glides to her resting place on the waters of the Newark Bay. President Roosevelt and Prince Henry lift their hats and the launching party cheers. At the moment of the yacht striking the water, by a clever adjustment of weights, a set of temporary masts arise from the decks of the "Meteor" and she rides the water in a full dress of bunting. Enthusiasm could now no longer be restrained. Prince Henry of Prussia seizes and kisses the hand of Alice Roosevelt and the cheering by representative officials of the United States and Germany becomes wild and frantic. On the halyards of the yacht are countless flags of the international code. The German flag is on the main pole and the Stars and Stripes at the bow and stern. The launching is followed by Prince Henry proposing three cheers for Miss Alice Roosevelt, which are given in vigor. The President then proposes three cheers for Kaiser Wilhelm, which are as generously given. There is then general congratulating and hand shaking and Miss Roosevelt is presented with a magnificent bouquet of flowers. During this entire great historic event, President and Mrs. Roosevelt, Miss Alice Roosevelt and Prince Henry of Prussia are in view of our camera, and the pictures obtained of them are realistic and perfect.  

Distribution Company: Edison Mfg. Co.
Production Company: Edison Mfg. Co.

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