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The Amateur Gentleman
Director: Sidney Olcott (Dir)
Release Date:   29 Aug 1926
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Cast: Richard Barthelmess  (Barnabas Barty)
  Dorothy Dunbar  (Lady Cleone Meredith)
  Gardner James  (Ronald Barrymaine)

Summary: Barnabas Barty, the son of an innkeeper who was formerly a pugilist, inherits a fortune and sets out for London to become a gentleman. En route, he encounters Lady Cleone and falls madly in love with her, thus incurring the enmity of Sir Mortimer, his rival. In London he becomes friendly with Viscount Devenham and from him purchases a spirited horse, which he enters in a steeplechase. He meets Ronald, Cleone's derelict brother, and offers him money to repay his debts but is refused because of Mortimer's treachery. The steeplechase becomes a contest between Mortimer and Barnabas, the latter winning not only the race but also social standing. When Mortimer buys Ronald's notes and has the creditor threaten him with prison, Ronald kills the creditor in desperation. He then follows Barnabas to Mortimer's country house, where Ronald and Mortimer kill each other. Discouraged and dissillusioned, Barnabas returns to his village home. Cleone follows him there, and they are united by love. 

Distribution Company: First National Pictures, Inc.
Production Company: Inspiration Pictures, Inc.
Director: Sidney Olcott (Dir)
Writer: Lillie Hayward (Scen)
  Tom Miranda (Titles)

Subject Major: Debt
  Great Britain--History--18th century
  London (England)
  Class distinction

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