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Director: Paul Scardon (Dir)
Release Date:   23 Jun 1919
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Cast: Harry T. Morey  (Corporal Steele)
  Betty Blythe  (Carol Thorpe)
  George Majeroni  (Hodge, alias Garson)

Summary: Corporal Steele, a North West Mounted policeman, is chosen to make an arrest because he is a notorious woman-hater and supposedly "beauty-proof." He must arrest the brother of Carol Thorpe, an attractive young woman determined to stop him. He is entrapped by Carol's henchmen, tied up and placed in a box, and left in Hodge's cabin. Steele hears Carol explain to Hodge that her brother tried to kill Hodge in order to defend her from Hodge's advances. Hodge renews his improper proposals to Carol. Steele breaks loose and discovers Hodge is the same man who earlier robbed him of his own wife. Hodge is later killed by Steele, who rescues Carol and discovers he has fallen in love with her. 

Distribution Company: Vitagraph Co. of America
Production Company: Vitagraph Co. of America
Director: Paul Scardon (Dir)
Writer: Edward J. Montagne (Scen)
  James Oliver Curwood (Story)

Subject Major: Brothers and sisters
  North West Mounted Police
Subject Minor: Attempted rape

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