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Straight Shooting
Director: Jack Ford (Dir)
Release Date:   27 Aug 1917
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Cast: Harry Carey  (Cheyenne Harry)
  Duke Lee  (Thunder Flint)
  George Berrell  (Sweetwater Sims)

Summary: Rancher Thunder Flint, who has resolved to drive the farmers out, sends Danny Morgan with a warning to Sweetwater Sims, a prominent farmer, to leave. After Flint hires outlaw Cheyenne Harry and Placer Fremont to enforce his demands, Harry and Fremont have a riotous drink together in a hotel saloon. When Harry sees Sims and his daughter Joan at the funeral of Sims' son Tom, who was shot by Fremont, he vows to help them and tells Flint's foreman that he is through with them. Danny overhears Flint plot to kill Harry and informs Harry. Harry's gunfight in the street with Fremont ends in Fremont's death. After the farmers band together at the Sims' farmhouse, the ranchers surround them in a siege. Harry convinces a large outlaw band to help and the ranchers are routed. Joan, who now loves Harry, is disappointed when he leaves, and Danny, who loves her, returns instead. She finds Harry in the woods about to leave, and they embrace. 

Distribution Company: Universal Film Mfg Co.
Production Company: Universal Film Mfg. Co.
Director: Jack Ford (Dir)
Writer: George Hively (Story)

Subject Major: Farmers
  Range wars
Subject Minor: Drunkenness
  Ranch foremen

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