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Hell's Hinges
Director: Charles Swickard (Dir)
Release Date:   5 Mar 1916
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Cast: William S. Hart  (Blaze Tracy)
  Clara Williams  (Faith Henley)
  Jack Standing  (Reverend Robert Henley)

Summary: When the weak-willed Reverend Robert Henley arrives in Hell's Hinges on a mission to clean up the town, gunslinger Blaze Tracy and "Silk" Miller, the town saloon keeper, decide to give him a hard time. After Blaze falls in love with Robert's sister Faith, however, he ends up helping the reverend spread the gospel. Having lost Blaze as an accomplice, Miller takes it upon himself to discredit Robert. He has Dolly, one of his dance hall girls, get Robert drunk and seduce him and then lets the public discover him in her bed. Later, Miller's henchmen set fire to the church, and Robert is killed when shooting breaks out. To avenge Robert's death, Blaze burns down the saloon, but allows Miller and his boys to escape. Finally, with all of Hell's Hinges up in flames, Blaze rescues Faith, buries her brother and rides with her to a new life. 

Distribution Company: Triangle Film Corp.
Production Company: New York Motion Picture Corp.; Kay-Bee
Director: Charles Swickard (Dir)
Producer: Thomas Ince (Prod)
Writer: C. Gardner Sullivan (Scen)

Subject Major: Clergy
Subject Minor: Arson
  Brothers and sisters
  Dance hall girls
  Moral reformation
  Saloon keepers

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