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The Love of Sunya
Director: Albert Parker (Dir)
Release Date:   5 Mar 1927
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Cast: Gloria Swanson  (Sunya)
  John Boles  (Paul Judson)
  Anders Randolf  (Goring)

Summary: In the Mystic East, a young yogi learns of a sin he committed in his incarnation centuries ago and sets out to atone for it; after years of search he arrives in a small New York town where he recognizes Sunya and Paul Judson as reincarnations of the people he wronged. Sunya, having promised to marry Paul and go to South America on his first engineering assignment, is courted also by millionaire Robert Goring; by De Salvo, an opera impresario; and by Louis Anthony, a young bank cashier. She learns that her father is in financial straits, and the yogi reveals in a crystal that disaster and unhappiness will result regardless of whether she goes with De Salvo to become a singer or marries the millionaire to save her father. At length, Sunya decides to follow her heart and marry Paul. 

Distribution Company: United Artists Corp.
Production Company: Gloria Swanson Productions, Inc.
Director: Albert Parker (Dir)
  Paul Madeux (Asst dir)
Writer: Earle Browne (Scr story)

Subject Major: Ambition
  New York (State)

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