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The Last Trail
Director: Lewis Seiler (Dir)
Release Date:   23 Jan 1927
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Cast: Tom Mix  (Tom Dane)
  Carmelita Geraghty  (Nita Carrol)
  William Davidson  (Morley)

Summary: Tom Dane saves Joe Pascal and his wife from an Indian attack, and as a result the couple name their first son after Tom. Later, Pascal, now sheriff of Carson City, is plagued by persistent robberies of the stageline and is forced to provide a guard. The bandits are chasing the stage when Tom comes to help; Pascal is mortally wounded and places his son in the care of Tom. A U.S. Express agent arrives and suggests a stagecoach race to decide who shall get the contract; Kurt Morley, the bandit leader, lines up his men as contestants. But Jasper Carrol, the old contractor, with whose daughter Tom has fallen in love, is backed by Tom. In spite of attempts to thwart him, Tom wins the race, then rides down the bandits, who are trying to escape with the girl and the loot. 

Distribution Company: Fox Film Corp.
Production Company: Fox Film Corp.
Director: Lewis Seiler (Dir)
Producer: William Fox (Pres)
Writer: John Stone (Scen)

Subject Major: Carson City (NV)
  Freight lines
  Stagecoach robberies

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