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The Heart Specialist
Director: Frank Urson (Dir)
Release Date:   9 Apr 1922
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Cast: Mary Miles Minter  (Rosalie Beckwith)
  Allan Forrest  (Bob Stratton)
  Roy Atwell  (Winston Gates)

Summary: Rosalie Beckwith, a newspaper writer, is instructed by her editor to gain some insight into the kinds of romances about which she is writing. In Essex, Connecticut, she is mistaken for Madame Murat Bey, a distant relative of Robert Stratton, a war hero, and co-heir of his estate. Accepting the situation, Rosalie discovers that Fitch, the family physician who is caring for Bob, is conspiring with his sister, Grace, to poison Bob before he discovers Fitch's embezzlement of funds belonging to the estate. When they realize that Rosalie has uncovered the plot, they throw her into a well; then Grace, appearing as the real Madame Bey, announces that the girl is an imposter. Rosalie escapes in time to prevent Bob from eating poisoned food, and she exposes Grace and Fitch. The physician is killed by poisonous fumes in his laboratory, Grace is arrested, and Rosalie gives up newspaper work to live with Bob. 

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures
Production Company: Realart Pictures
Director: Frank Urson (Dir)
Writer: Harvey Thew (Scen)
  Mary Morrison (Story)

Subject Major: Brothers and sisters
  Impersonation and imposture
  War heroes

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