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The Game Chicken
Director: Chester M. Franklin (Dir)
Release Date:   26 Feb 1922
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Cast: Bebe Daniels  (Inez Hastings)
  Pat O'Malley  (Rush Thompson)
  James Gordon  (Joshua Hastings)

Summary: Inez Hastings, who lives in Cuba with her parents and grandmother, does not care for Lavendera, her persistent suitor. Contrary to her father's wishes, she attends a cockfight and makes the acquaintance of Rush Thompson, a United States revenue officer assigned to track down Cuban bootleggers. Their romance awakens the jealousy of Lavendera, who attempts to kill Rush. Joshua Hastings, Inez' father, who with Lavendera heads the bootlegging operation, sends his daughter to Hiram Proudfoot, his American agent in Massachusetts and leader of the Purity League; Rush and José follow. The latter persuades Inez that Rush suspects her father of smuggling and is using her to spy on him, and she betrays Rush into their hands. When the smugglers are surprised by revenue agents in Boston, José absconds with Rush and Inez aboard his schooner; following a fight between Rush and Lavendera in which the suitor is killed, a subchaser arrives in time to save Rush and Inez. 

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures
Production Company: Realart Pictures
Director: Chester M. Franklin (Dir)
Writer: Fred Myton (Scen)
  Nina Wilcox Putnam (Story)

Subject Major: Bootleggers
  Boston (MA)
  Revenue agents

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