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The Freshman
Director: Sam Taylor (Dir)
Release Date:   20 Sep 1925
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Cast: Harold Lloyd  (The Freshman [Harold "Speedy" Lamb])
  Jobyna Ralston  (Peggy)
  Brooks Benedict  (The college cad)

Summary: Harold Lamb, an eager, uncoordinated college freshman who yearns to be the most popular man on campus, incurs contempt from a college cad and others when he emulates the demeanor of a movie college man. He tries to win friendship by spending most of his college money treating his classmates, but is only truly liked by Peggy, the daughter of his landlady. Harold, who now likes to go by the nickname "Speedy," tries further measures to make himself popular and attempts to join the football team. Because the football coach admires the unathletic Harold's spirit, he makes him the team waterboy but lets him think he is actually an alternate. Harold soon throws a big party for the Fall Frolic and is happy at his seeming popularity, even though his only baste-stitched tuxedo falls apart, despite the best efforts of the college tailor. When the campus cad tries to force himself on Peggy, the now disheveled Harold fights him. In retaliation, the cad tells him his true role on the football team. Although shattered by the revelation, Harold is consoled by Peggy, who tells him that people will like him if he will just be himself. A short time later, during the big game, Harold finally gains an opportunity to prove himself on the football field by scoring the winning goal after injuries leave the team short-handed. Finally able to be himself, Harold wins popularity as well as the love of Peggy. 

Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange, Inc.
Production Company: Harold Lloyd Corp.
Director: Sam Taylor (Dir)
  Fred Newmeyer (Dir)
  Robert A. Golden (Asst dir)
Producer: Harold Lloyd (Prod)
Writer: Sam Taylor (Story)
  John Grey (Story)
  Ted Wilde (Story)
  Tim Whelan (Story)
  Thomas J. Grey (Titles)

Subject Major: College life
Subject Minor: Bells
  College deans
  Train stations

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