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East Is West
Director: Monta Bell (Dir)
Release Date:   23 Oct 1930
Duration (in mins):  74
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Cast: Lupe VĂ©lez  (Ming Toy)
  Lew Ayres  (Billy Benson)
  Edward G. Robinson  (Charlie Yong)

Summary: When Ming Toy, the eldest daughter of Hop Toy, is about to be sold in a public auction, she is rescued by American Billy Benson and taken to the United States, in care of Lo Sang Kee. Ming Toy soon adopts Western customs, but her past returns to haunt her when Charlie Yong, a powerful figure in San Francisco's Chinatown, becomes obsessed with her and wants to marry her. Benson once more comes to her aid and offers his own home as a refuge, then falls in love with her. Believing she is marked with a stigma for being Oriental, Ming Toy supposes that she will have to endure life-long suffering. However, she discovers that she is really the daughter of missionaries and was kidnapped after her father was murdered. Upon learning this, Yong loses intertest in her and her persecution ends. 

Distribution Company: Universal Pictures Corp.
Production Company: Universal Pictures Corp.
Director: Monta Bell (Dir)
Producer: Carl Laemmle (Pres)
  E. M. Asher (Assoc prod)
Writer: Tom Reed (Scr)
  Winifred Eaton (Adpt)
  Tom Reed (Addl dial)

Subject Major: Chinese Americans
  San Francisco (CA)--Chinatown
Subject Minor: Americans in foreign countries

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