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Director: W. S. Van Dyke (Dir)
Release Date:   31 Jan 1936
Duration (in mins):  103, 110 or 113
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Cast: Jeanette MacDonald  (Marie de Flor/[Rose-Marie])
  Nelson Eddy  (Sargeant Bruce)
  Reginald Owen  ([R. O.] Myerson)
  Allan Jones  (Romeo)
  James Stewart  (John Flower)
  Alan Mowbray  (Premier)
  Gilda Gray  (Belle)
  George Rigas  (Boniface)
  Robert Greig  (Hotel manager)
  Una O'Connor  (Anna [Roderick])
  Lucien Littlefield  (Storekeeper)
  David Niven  (Teddy)
  Herman Bing  (Mr. Daniels)
  James Conlin  (Joe)
  Dorothy Gray  (Edith)
  Mary Anita Loos  (Corn Queen)
  Aileen Carlyle  (Susan)
  Halliwell Hobbes  (Mr. Gordon)
  Paul Porcasi  (Emil)
  Edgar Dearing  (Mounted police)
  Pat West  (Traveling salesman)
  Milton Owen  (Stage manager)
  David Clyde  (Doorman)
  Russell Hicks  (Commandant)
  William Stack  (Gordon)
  Leonard Carey  (Louis)
  David Robel  (Dancer)
  Joseph Chorrie  (Dancer)
  Bill Cody  (Dancer)
  Iron Eyes Cody  (Dancer)
  Rinaldo Alacorn  (Dancer)
  Bert Lindley  (Trapper)
  Rolfe Sedan  (Man at hotel party)
  Louis Mercier  (Admirer in hall)
  Matty Roubert  (Newsboy)
  Agostino Borgato  (Opera fan)
  Olga Dane  (Singer in "Romeo and Juliet" sequence)
  Jack Pennick  
  James Murray  

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