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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Director: David Hand (Supv dir)
Release Date:   4 Feb 1938
Duration (in mins):  80, 82-83 or 85-86
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Cast: Adriana Caselotti  (Voice of Snow White)
  Harry Stockwell  (Voice of Prince)
  Lucille LaVerne  (Voice of the Wicked Queen)

Summary: As part of her daily beauty routine, the Wicked Queen asks her Magic Mirror, "Who is the fairest one of all?" and is told that Snow White, her blossoming stepdaughter, is now the "fairest one of all." In an envious rage, the queen orders a woodsman to kill Snow White, who has just met the handsome and endearing Prince, in the forest. Once there, however, the woodsman finds he cannot do the deed and admonishes the princess to hide, while he returns to the queen with a pig's heart, which he claims belonged to Snow White. Frightened by the dark, stormy forest, Snow White runs wildly through the trees until she collapses with exhaustion on the forest floor. After her nap, she wakes to find the woods full of friendly, furry animals, who guide her to an empty cottage. Shocked by the decrepit condition of the cottage, Snow White enlists the help of the animals to clean it up, and then falls asleep in an upstairs bedroom, which has been furnished with seven tiny beds. While Snow White sleeps, the owners of the beds, the Seven Dwarfs--Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful and Happy--return from working at the local diamond mine and discover the snoozing princess. After much confusion, Snow White strikes a deal with the Dwarfs, offering her domestic services in exchange for room and board. To Grumpy's dissatisfaction, Snow White turns the household upside down and instigates positive changes in the Dwarfs' life. The Dwarfs' newly found happiness ends abruptly when the evil queen, who has learned from the Magic Mirror that Snow White is alive, transforms herself into an old hag and, equipped with a poison apple, heads for the Dwarfs' cottage. Lured by the queen, the innocent Snow White bites into the apple and falls into a death-like sleep, which can be broken only when she is kissed by her first true love. Satisfied that Snow White is doomed, the queen rushes back toward her castle but is chased by the Dwarfs and falls to her death off a cliff. While lying in the woods in a glass-domed coffin built by the Dwarfs, Snow White is found by the Prince. Entranced by her tranquil beauty, the prince kisses her back to life and carries her off to eternal happiness. 

Distribution Company: RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
Production Company: Walt Disney Productions, Ltd.
Director: David Hand (Supv dir)
  Perce Pearce (Seq dir)
  William Cottrell (Seq dir)
  Larry Morey (Seq dir)
  Wilfred Jackson (Seq dir)
  Ben Sharpsteen (Seq dir)
  Hal Adelquist (Asst dir)
  Carl Fallberg (Asst dir)
  Mike Holoboff (Asst dir)
  Ford Beebe (Asst dir)
Producer: Walt Disney (Prod)
Writer: Ted Sears (Story adpt)
  Richard Creedon (Story adpt)
  Otto Englander (Story adpt)
  Dick Rickard (Story adpt)
  Earl Hurd (Story adpt)
  Merrill De Maris (Story adpt)
  Dorothy Ann Blank (Story adpt)
  Webb Smith (Story adpt)

Subject Major: Dwarfs
  Mythical lands
Subject Minor: Attempted murder
  Sleeping potions
  Wild animals

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