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The Terminator
Director: James Cameron (Dir)
Release Date:   1984
Duration (in mins):  107
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Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger  (Terminator)
  Michael Biehn  (Kyle Reese)
  Linda Hamilton  (Sarah Connor)

Distribution Company: Orion Pictures Corporation
Artisan Entertainment
Production Company: Hemdale Productions
Director: James Cameron (Dir)
  Donna Smith (Prod mgr)
  Betsy Magruder (1st asst dir)
  Thomas Irvine (Addl 1st asst dir)
  Robert Roda (2d asst dir)
  Stan Winston (2d unit dir/ Effects, 2d Unit)
  Jean-Paul Ouellette (2d unit dir/ Action, 2d Unit)
Producer: Gale Anne Hurd (Prod)
  John Daly (Exec prod)
  Derek Gibson (Exec prod)
Writer: James Cameron (Wrt)
  Gale Anne Hurd (Wrt)

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