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Love Me Tonight
Director: Rouben Mamoulian (Dir)
Release Date:   26 Aug 1932
Duration (in mins):  90 or 104
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Cast: Maurice Chevalier  (Maurice Courtelin)
  Jeanette MacDonald  (Princess Jeanette)
  Charlie Ruggles  (Vicomte Gilbert de Vareze)

Summary: Struggling Parisian tailor Maurice Courtelin finds he has been bilked on a bill for fifteen suits by the Vicomte Gilbert de Vareze. When he discovers that de Vareze has a bad reputation with tailors all over Paris, Maurice becomes outraged and goes to the Chateau d'Artelins to collect his bill. Along the road to the chateau, Princess Jeanette narrowly avoids a collision of her buggy with Maurice's car. Maurice immediately falls in love with Jeanette and, although flustered and haughty, she is delighted by him. Neither are aware of the other's social status. When Jeanette goes home to the Chateau d'Artelins she faints, and the doctor recommends marriage to a man her age as a curative. Maurice arrives and de Vareze, afraid to expose his indebtedness, nervously introduces him to the Duke as a baron, thereby enabling Maurice to join the other guests of rank. While Maurice is on a royal hunt, Count de Savignac discovers that Maurice has no lineage, and informs the Duke. De Vareze then intimates that Maurice is actually royalty traveling under a nom de plume . A costume ball is thrown in honor of Maurice and he comes dressed as a Parisian "Apache." He then follows Jeanette into the garden where they proclaim their love for each other. The next morning, Maurices dismisses Jeanette's seamstress and the insulted seamstress tells everyone that Maurice intends to sew Jeanette's riding habit. Soon Maurice must confess his true identity, appalling Jeanette and everyone in the chateau. Maurice collects his bill and boards a train for Paris, but when Jeanette realizes that she loves Maurice despite his lowly profession, she takes the fastest horse and catches up with the train, shouting that she would love to be a tailor's wife. Maurice does not accept this proclamation, so Jeanette stands on the train tracks until the train is forced to stop, and Maurice and Jeanette joyfully embrace. 

Distribution Company: Paramount Publix Corp.
Production Company: Paramount Publix Corp.
Director: Rouben Mamoulian (Dir)
Writer: Samuel Hoffenstein (Scr)
  Waldemar Young (Scr)
  George Marion Jr. (Scr)

Subject Major: Class distinction
  Impersonation and imposture
Subject Minor: Apaches--Paris
  Balls (Parties)
  Paris (France)

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