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Director: Elliott Nugent (Dir)
Release Date:   23 Nov 1935
Duration (in mins):  77
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Cast: Miriam Hopkins  (Phyllis Lorrimore)
  Joel McCrea  (Brighton Lorrimore)
  Paul Cavanaugh  (Martin Deering)
  Helen Westley  (Mrs. Emmeline Lorrimore)
  Billie Burke  (Clarissa)
  David Niven  (Clancey Lorrimore)
  Katherine Alexander  (Martha Lorrimore)
  Ruth Weston  (Edith Gilbert)
  Arthur Treacher  (Major Ballinger)
  Torben Meyer  (Baron von Hoffstatter)
  Ivan Simpson  (Fletcher)
  Reginald Sheffield  (Billy Grimes z 1)
  William R. Arnold  (Jake)
  Maidel Turner  (Mrs. Hicks)
  Clarence H. Wilson  (Process server)
  Frederick Lee  (Track attendant)
  Violet Axelle  (Brighton maid)
  Nina Penn  (Woman opera attendant)
  Eddie Craven  (Elevator man)
  Lois January  (Lena Limering)
  Cosmo Kyrle Bellew  (Guest at dinner)
  Connie Howard  (Guest at dinner)
  Bill Cartledge  (Jockey at paddock)
  John Van Eyck  (Photographer in box)
  Frank H. Hammond  (Old man in wheel chair)
  George Bruggeman  (Wheel chair pusher)
  William O'Brien  (Usher in theater)
  Henry Hall  (Old man in box)
  Dick Allen  (Doorman in apartment)
  Bob Heasley  (Western Union messenger)
  Clinton Lyle  (Chauffeur)
  Betty Blair  (Fitter)
  Phyllis Crane  (First girl)
  Jeanie Roberts  (Gertie)
  Mildred Booth  (Second woman)
  Georgette Rhodes  (French girl)

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