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The Awful Truth
Director: Leo McCarey (Dir)
Release Date:   21 Oct 1937
Duration (in mins):  89-90
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Cast: Irene Dunne  (Lucy Warriner)
  Cary Grant  (Jerry Warriner)
  Ralph Bellamy  (Daniel Leeson)

Summary: Sophisticated New Yorkers Jerry and Lucy Warriner both have cause to suspect the other of having an affair, so they decide to divorce. Although Lucy wins custody of their dog, "Mr. Smith," the lack of a suitable male escort keeps her at home every night. Happily, Lucy's Aunt Patsy meets their neighbor, Oklahoma oil man Daniel Leeson, who is presentable and eligible, and introduces him to Lucy. While they are all getting acquainted, Jerry arrives for his custody visit with Mr. Smith, and his rowdy antics with the dog drive the others out of the apartment. By the end of the evening, Lucy and Daniel are infatuated. During the next few months, Jerry does everything he can to break up their engagement, but when Daniel's mother, who is adamantly against the engagement, spreads gossip about Lucy, Jerry leaps to her defense. Finally, because of a comedy of errors, Lucy and Daniel do separate, but in the meantime, Jerry has gotten involved with madcap heiress Barbara Vance. On the night before the final divorce decree, Lucy, posing as Jerry's sister, visits the Vance home, pretends to get drunk, parodies the ridiculous cabarat act of one of Jerry's former girlfriends, and behaves so obnoxiously that Jerry is forced to drive her home. Determined not to lose Jerry, Lucy tricks him up to Patsy's cabin, where they are reconciled just before the clock strikes midnight. 

Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures Corp. of California, Ltd.
Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corp. of California, Ltd.
Director: Leo McCarey (Dir)
  William Mull (Asst dir)
Producer: Everett Riskin (Assoc prod)
Writer: Viña Delmar (Scr)
  Dwight Taylor (Contr to scr const)

Subject Major: Divorce
Subject Minor: Aunts
  False accusations
  Impersonation and imposture

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