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"Weary Willie" Kisses the Bride
Director: Edwin S. Porter (Dir)
Release Date:   Nov 1904
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Summary: Edison summary: Scene I. - "Weary," a hobo, enters a railroad depot, discovers a farmer asleep, steals his ticket from his pocket and leaves without being detected. Scene II. - Interior of passenger coach; bride and groom spooning. "Weary" enters; bride becomes very mad when groom leaves for smoking car. "Weary" takes advantage of the situation and sits beside sulking bride, who is looking out the window. She does not look around, but thinks her hubby has returned. "Weary" puts his arms around her and kisses her. When she discovers who it is she screams, and the groom, conductor and porter come to her assistance, and grabbing "Weary" hustle him to the rear end of the train. Scene III. - Shows passenger train running at full speed and conductor and porter throwing "Weary" from rear end. He lands in a heap; quickly jumping to his feet, he shakes his fist at the retreating trainmen.  

Distribution Company: Edison Mfg. Co.
Production Company: Edison Mfg. Co.
Director: Edwin S. Porter (Dir)

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