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Cheating Cheaters
Director: Edward Laemmle (Dir)
Release Date:   9 Oct 1927
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Cast: Betty Compson  (Nan Carey)
  Kenneth Harlan  (Tom Palmer)
  Sylvia Ashton  (Mrs. Brockton)

Summary: Nan Carey, a shoplifter, is caught by the police but acquitted through the influence of Lazare, a crooked lawyer, who places her with a gang of crooks. Posing as the Brockton family, they move to a seaside home, where they plan to steal the jewel collection of the Palmers, their neighbors. Nan wins the confidence of the family by flirting with Tom, who becomes infatuated and wants to go away with her, but she refuses him. Tom is caught red-handed in the Brockton mansion attempting to steal their jewels while Nan is making a success of the Palmer robbery. Tom attempts to rescue Nan from detectives, and they are both arrested along with the gangs. When it is revealed that Nan is actually an undercover agent, she induces them to return the stolen jewels and places them under strict parole; she is then united with Tom. 

Distribution Company: Universal Pictures Corp.
Production Company: Universal Pictures Corp.
Director: Edward Laemmle (Dir)
Producer: Carl Laemmle (Pres)
Writer: Charles A. Logue (Adpt)
  James T. O'Donohoe (Cont)
  Walter Anthony (Titles)

Subject Major: Detectives
  Secret agents

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