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Captain Salvation
Director: John S. Robertson (Dir)
Release Date:   14 May 1927
Duration (in mins):  87
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Cast: Lars Hanson  (Anson Campbell)
  Pauline Starke  (Bess Morgan)
  Marceline Day  (Mary Phillips)

Summary: Young Anson Campbell returns from a theological seminary to a New England coastal village, where he is swayed by the call of the sea. When the bigoted villagers scorn Bess Morgan, a fallen woman, he champions her, espousing a broad view of Christianity, but is rejected by the puritanical inhabitants. He ships out aboard a convict ship, and discovering the rejected girl aboard, he exacts from her a promise not to revert to her old life. When she can no longer resist the advances of the ship's captain, Bess kills herself, effecting Anson's return to prayer and faith. Anson engages in a battle with the captain atop a mast; and taking over the ship, he converts the convicts and returns home to marry his sweetheart, Mary Phillips. 

Distribution Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Distributing Corp.
Production Company: Cosmopolitan Productions
Director: John S. Robertson (Dir)
Writer: Jack Cunningham (Scen)
  John Colton Author of "Rain" and "The Shanghai Gesture" (Titles)

Subject Major: Bigotry
  Divinity students
  New England
  Religious conversion

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