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Summer Stock
Director: Charles Walters (Dir)
Release Date:   Aug 1950
Duration (in mins):  108-09
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Cast: Judy Garland  (Jane Falbury)
  Gene Kelly  (Joe D. Ross)
  Eddie Bracken  (Orville Wingait)

Summary: Jane Falbury, a Connecticut farm owner, has worked hard to keep her family farm productive, but three years of bad crops have left her nearly destitute. Despite her financial crisis, Jane continues to pay for the expensive education of her sister Abigail, who is studying acting in New York. After her farm hands, Frank and Zeb, quit to take jobs in Hartford, Jane realizes that she must get an expensive tractor to help her with the heavy work on the farm. However, because she does not have enough money to pay for the new tractor, Jane tries to get a loan through her boyfriend, Orville Wingait, whose father, Japser G. Wingait, owns a general store in town and is a leader in the community. Jasper initially balks at Jane's extravagant request, but because he knows that his son is in love with Jane, he tells her that she can have the tractor if she consents to marry Orville. Jane refuses to accept Jasper's terms, but Jasper provides her with a new tractor regardless. Jane returns to her farm only to discover that it has been overrun by a troupe of actors that Abigail has brought in from New York to stage a musical in the farm's barn. Furious with Abigail for not asking her about the musical, Jane tells the troupe that they must leave. Joe D. Ross, who is Abigail's boyfriend and the director of the show, is also angry with Abigail for not having asked Jane's permission, but he uses his natural charm to persuade Jane to let them stay. Jane insists, however, that if the actors stay, they must perform some of the daily chores on the farm. The troupe begrudgingly agrees to the arrangement, and Jane immediately gives them lessons on how to maintain a working farm. One day, while helping her housekeeper, Esme, in the kitchen, Jane improvises a little tap dance, unaware that Joe is watching her. She becomes embarrassed when she notices Joe, but Joe admires her dancing and tells her that she has real talent. As word begins to spread through town that an acting troupe from New York is staying at Jane's farm, Jasper becomes concerned about the sudden influx of show business people in the quiet community. Jane is summoned to town to explain the situation and address the protests of the town leaders. Meanwhile, Herb Blake, one of the actors, accidentally crashes Jane's new tractor. When Jane returns to the farm and learns about the accident, she orders the troupe to leave and demands that Abigail stay on the farm to help her. Jane later reverses her decision when the troupe pools all its money to buy her a new tractor. Joe continues to encourage Jane's interest in the theater, and Jane and Joe soon realize their attraction for each other. When Abigail and Harrison I. Keath, the show's leading man, suddenly leave the farm to star in a play in New York, Joe decides to take over the male lead and asks Jane to take her sister's part. Orville sternly objects to Jane's involvement with the troupe, and when Jasper learns that Jane is in the show, he threatens to use his influence to stop it. Jane responds by threatening to call off her engagement to Orville. Just before the first performance of the show, Abigail returns to the farm and demands that Jane relinquish her role. Jane refuses to give up the part, and when Abigail sees that Jane is in love with Joe, she decides to stop interfering with their romance. Joe proposes marriage to Jane just before the show begins and Jane gladly accepts. 

Distribution Company: Loew's Inc.
Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp.
Director: Charles Walters (Dir)
  Al Jennings (Asst dir)
Producer: Joe Pasternak (Prod)
Writer: George Wells (Scr)
  Sy Gomberg (Scr)
  Sy Gomberg (Story)

Subject Major: Actors and actresses
  Musical revues
Subject Minor: Allergy
  Fathers and sons
  General stores
  Proposals (Marital)
  Tap dancing
  Theatrical directors

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