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Animal Crackers
Director: Victor Heerman (Dir)
Release Date:   6 Sep 1930
Duration (in mins):  97
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Cast: Groucho Marx  (Capt. Jeffrey Spaulding)
  Harpo Marx  (Professor)
  Chico Marx  (Signor Emanuel Ravelli)

Summary: At the estate of Mrs. Rittenhouse, Jeffrey Spaulding, an African explorer, and Horatio, his secretary, become social lions at a house party in progress; and on their heels are the professor and Signor Ravelli, musicians. Arabella, the hostess' daughter, is in love with John Parker, an unknown artist; and Roscoe Chandler, an art connoisseur, arrives with a valuable master painting, of which John had made a pastiche while a student. Arabella persuades the musicians to substitute the copy for the original, and recognizing the art patron as a former fish peddler, they blackmail him. But a rival society matron, whose daughter has copied the same painting, plots a similar substitution to embarrass Mrs. Rittenhouse. Later, during a thunderstorm, the musicians steal the painting, but Hives, the butler, replaces it with the other pastiche, and at the unveiling the plot is exposed. 

Distribution Company: Paramount Publix Corp.
Production Company: Paramount Publix Corp.
Director: Victor Heerman (Dir)
Writer: Morris Ryskind (Scr)
  Pierre Collings (Cont)

Subject Major: Artists
  Peddlers and peddling

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