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Dr. No
Director: Terence Young (Dir)
Release Date:   1963
Duration (in mins):  105
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Cast: Sean Connery  (James Bond)
  Ursula Andress  (Honey)
  Joseph Wiseman  (Dr. No)

Summary: British Secret Service Agent 007 James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and his secretary. Upon his arrival, Bond experiences attempts on his life through an automobile crash, by means of a tarantula, and by seduction by Miss Taro. Bond, aided by the American CIA agent Felix Leiter, links the murders to Dr. No, a mad scientist operating from Crab Key; and despite the natives' fear of the key because of the legend of a fire-breathing dragon, he persuades Quarrel, a black man, to transport him there and assist him in the investigation. Landing, they encounter Honey, a blonde, bikini-clad, shell-hunter; and after they are spotted by Dr. No's patrol boat, Bond persuades Honey to join them. Trying frantically to escape, they are cornered by a flamethrowing tank (the dragon of the legend), which kills Quarrel. Bond and Honey are captured and imprisoned in Dr. No's secret base, where they learn of his experiments to divert the course of rockets fired from Cape Canaveral. Bond escapes from his cell by means of a ventilator shaft and intercepts Dr. No just as he is ready to deflect another rocket. In a death struggle, Dr. No is killed, and Bond flicks every switch in the laboratory; but before the final explosion, he rescues Honey and they escape in a motor launch. 

Distribution Company: United Artists
Production Company: Eon Productions, Ltd.
Director: Terence Young (Dir)
  Clive Reed (Asst dir)
  David Anderson (Asst dir)
  John Meadows (1st, 2d & 3d asst dir)
Producer: Harry Saltzman (Prod)
  Albert R. Broccoli (Prod)
Writer: Richard Maibaum (Scr)
  Johanna Harwood (Scr)
  Berkely Mather (Scr)

Subject Major: Automobile accidents
  Cape Canaveral (FL)
  Great Britain. Intelligence Service
  James Bond (Fictional character)
  African Americans
  Rockets and rocketry
  Secret agents
  Tanks (Military science)
  United States. Central Intelligence Agency

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