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Silks and Satins
Director: J. Searle Dawley (Dir)
Release Date:   12 Jun 1916
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Cast: Marguerite Clark  (Felicité)
  Vernon Steel  (Jacques Desmond)
  Clarence Handysides  (Marquis)

Summary: On the day before she obeys her father's edict to give up her real sweetheart and marry a man she does not love, Felicité reads the diary of a French ancestor from Napoleonic times, another Felicité, whose story parallels her own. The first Felicité is engaged to the foppish Felix Breton, but Henri, a cousin who wants to marry her, holds her captive. Felix sends the swordsman, Jacques Desmond, on a rescue mission, not knowing that Felicité loves Jacques even though she has only seen him once. Jacques takes Felicité away from Henri, but instead of returning to Felix, they get married and sail to America. Inspired by the diary, the modern-day Felicité slips out of her father's house and leaves town to marry the man she really loves. 

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures Corp.
Production Company: Famous Players Film Co.
Director: J. Searle Dawley (Dir)
Writer: Betty T. Fitzgerald (Scen)

Subject Major: Diaries
  France--History--19th century
  French Americans
Subject Minor: Cousins

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