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The Nutty Professor
Director: Jerry Lewis (Dir)
Release Date:   1963
Duration (in mins):  107
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Cast: Jerry Lewis  (Prof. Julius F. Kelp/Buddy Love)
  Stella Stevens  (Stella Purdy)
  Del Moore  (Dr. Hamius Warfield)

Summary: Eccentric maladroit Prof. Julius Kelp often gets into trouble with the dean of the large university where he teaches chemistry because his experiments frequently result in the demolition of his laboratory. Wishing to impress Stella Purdy, a beautiful student sympathetic to his difficulties, Kelp tries gym exercises and chemical formulas to improve his appearance. He stumbles on to a mixture that transforms him into singer Buddy Love, a swaggering, handsome bully; and in that personality, he tries to make love to Stella, who is alternately repelled and fascinated. Whenever the effect of the potion wears off, however, he must dash to his laboratory lest he change back to Professor Kelp. At the senior prom, where Kelp is ordered to act as chaperon and is also slated to appear as Buddy Love, the formula wears off during Buddy's number, and his personality reverts to that of the professor. Stella realizes that Buddy is really Professor Kelp and confesses that she has always preferred the quiet, sensitive professor to brash Buddy Love. The two make plans to be married. 

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures
Production Company: Jerry Lewis Enterprises
Director: Jerry Lewis (Dir)
  Ralph Axness (Asst dir)
  Bill Poole (Asst dir)
  Jack Barry (Asst dir)
Producer: Ernest D. Glucksman (Prod)
  Arthur P. Schmidt (Assoc prod)
Writer: Jerry Lewis (Scr)
  Bill Richmond (Scr)

Subject Major: College life
  Personality change

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