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The Stolen Kiss
Director: Kenneth Webb (Dir)
Release Date:   Mar 1920
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Cast: Constance Binney  (Felicia Day/Octavia, her mother)
  Rod La Rocque  (Dudley Hamilt)
  George Backus  (Major Trenton)

Summary: Felicia Day is brought up in seclusion by her affectionate but narrow-minded grandfather, Major Trenton. One day, Dudley Hamilt, a choirboy, throws his ball across the fence which separates the rectory from the Trenton yard and meets Felicia, from whom he steals a kiss. Trenton sees the children smooching and, shocked, sends Felicia to Canada. Years pass and Felicia, now an adult, decides to go to New York and make her living as a seamstress. She still yearns for Dudley but decides against seeing him because of her old-fashioned wardrobe. Possessing a natural talent for dancing, Felicia is offered a job by lecherous theatrical manager Allen Graemer, and she accepts. Dudley, attending one of her performances, recognizes his long-lost love and follows her home where he rescues her from Graemer's advances and admits his enduring love for the girl from whom he stole a kiss. 

Distribution Company: Realart Pictures Corp.
Production Company: Realart Pictures Corp.
Director: Kenneth Webb (Dir)
  Roy Webb (Asst dir)
  H. M. Jacquillard (2d asst dir)
Writer: Kathryne Stuart (Scen)

Subject Major: Children
  Theatrical managers
Subject Minor: Attempted rape
  Choirs (Music)
  Officers (Military)
  New York City

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