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Release Date:   29 Jan 1917
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Cast: Charlotte Walker  (Olive)
  Richard Tucker  (Justus Morrow)
  Leo Gordon  (Alonzo Struthers)

Summary: While working on the new railroad line, civil engineer Justus Morrow falls in love with and marries Olive Troop, the young woman who teaches the children of his workmen. Completion of the new line will create competition for the rival railroad, and so Alonzo Struthers is hired to prevent Justus from finishing the job. When Alonzo also falls in love with Olive, he becomes Justus' rival in both business and love. After he blows up the tracks, Alonzo plots to destroy Justus' marriage. When Justus goes to Alaska to make his fortune, Alonzo doctors some photographs to make it look as if Justus is spending his time with saloon girls, and sends these to Olive. Suspecting that her husband is unfaithful, Olive files for divorce. The marriage is saved, however, when Justus' partner seeks Olive and forces Alonzo at gunpoint to tell her the truth. 

Distribution Company: Mutual Film Corp.; Mutual Star Productions
Production Company: Thomas A Edison, Inc.
Writer: Paul H. Sloane (Scen)

Subject Major: Business competition
Subject Minor: Engineers--Civil

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