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Satan Junior
Director: Herbert Blaché (Dir)
Release Date:   3 Mar 1919
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Cast: Viola Dana  (Diana Ardway)
  Milton Sills  (Paul Worden)
  Lilie Leslie  (Marjorie Sinclair)

Summary: Famous playwright Paul Worden takes a country bungalow to write a new work and rehearse with Marjorie Sinclair, his leading actress, who is staying nearby. When riding one day, Paul helps his neighbor, Diana Ardway, the spoiled teenage daughter of a steel magnate, when her horse gets the better of her. Diana, at first insulted by Paul's interference, develops a passionate interest in him, leading her to spy on him, provoke a hair-pulling fight with Marjorie, and destroy one of Paul's rooms after he treats her like a child. When Paul wires his brother Tad, known for his successes with women, to relieve him of Diana's attentions, she rejects Tad. Knowing that her father will return soon from Europe, Diana gives the Associated Press an announcement of her engagement to Paul and kidnaps him to make it appear that he compromised her. After her father returns, Paul, thoroughly beaten, realizes his love for her and accepts his fate. 

Distribution Company: Metro Pictures Corp.
Production Company: Metro Pictures Corp.
Director: Herbert Blaché (Dir)
  John H. Collins (Dir)
  Albert H. Kelley (Asst dir)
Producer: Maxwell Karger (Supv)
Writer: John H. Collins (Scen)
  June Mathis (Scen)

Subject Major: Adolescents
Subject Minor: Abduction
  Actors and actresses
  Fathers and daughters
  Steel tycoons

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