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Eyes of the Soul
Director: Emile Chautard (Dir)
Release Date:   20 Apr 1919
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Cast: Elsie Ferguson  (Gloria Swann)
  J. Flanigan  (Teddy Safford)
  Wyndham Standing  (Larry Gibson)

Summary: In order to secure a better future, Gloria Swann, a dancer at the Palm Garden cabaret, decides to accept Judge Malvin's offer of marriage despite the disparity of their ages and social stations. One day while Gloria and the judge are driving in the park, their car nearly runs over Larry Gibson, a soldier blinded in World War I. A remark by Gloria's friend, Teddy Safford, has aroused her maternal feelings, and the sight of the lonely soldier makes her even more sympathetic. Gloria takes Larry home and visits him daily. Larry plays banjo and writes songs about soldier life to cheer suffering servicemen. Gloria takes Larry to the Palm Garden where she sings Larry's song to his accompaniment. The song is a success and brings fame to the blinded soldier. Gloria marries Larry and they later have a baby, through whose eyes Larry sees again. 

Distribution Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corp.; Artcraft Pictures
Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corp.
Director: Emile Chautard (Dir)
  Al Lena (Asst dir)
Producer: Adolph Zukor (Pres)
Writer: Eve Unsell (Scen)

Subject Major: Blindness
Subject Minor: Cabarets
  Class distinction
  War injuries

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