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The Deep Purple
Director: James Young (Dir)
Release Date:   11 Jan 1915
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Cast: Clara Kimball Young  (Doris Moore)
  E. M. Kimball  (Rev. William Moore)
  Milton Sills  (William Lake)

Summary: A band of crooks led by Harry Leland arrives in a small town with plans to defraud the church deacons. Harry becomes interested in Doris Moore, the minister's daughter, believing that he can use her in his New York operations, and so proposes to her. Doris na├»vely consents and goes to New York with Harry, who asks her to speak to William Lake on a small business matter. When Doris and William are together, Harry rushes in, accuses William of seducing his wife (even though they are not yet married), and then threatens to make public his discovery if William does not pay him. The men fight, William is knocked out, and Harry drags away a bewildered Doris. Harry's accomplice, "Fresno" Kate, distressed at his treatment of Doris, turns him in to the authorities, and later, when William visits Doris, a romance develops between them. 

Distribution Company: World Film Corp.
Production Company: World Film Corp.; A Liebler Feature
Director: James Young (Dir)
  Edwin L. Hollywood (Asst dir)

Subject Major: Confidence games
  New York City
  Swindlers and swindling
Subject Minor: Blackmail
  Small town life

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