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Director: D. W. Griffith (Dir)
Release Date:   5 Sep 1916
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Cast: Lillian Gish  (The woman who rocks the cradle)
  Lillian Langdon  (Mary, the Mother)
  Olga Grey  (Mary Magdalene)

Summary: When the Boy marries the Dear One, he decides to sever his relations with the underworld, which is led by the Musketeer of the Slums. Not willing to let the Boy go, however, the Musketeer has him arrested on a trumped up charge, after which the Dear One, declared an unfit mother by the Jenkins foundation, has her baby taken away by the authorities. The Boy is soon released, but when the Musketeer is murdered by the Friendless One, an ex-sweetheart, the Boy is charged with the crime. Finally, the Boy is saved from hanging when the Friendless One confesses. Three other intercut stories serve as counterparts to the modern drama. One story depicts the events that lead to Christ's crucifixion. In another, describing the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 1572, Catherine de Medici persuades her son, King Charles IX of France, to murder the Huguenots. Finally, in ancient Babylon, the High Priest of Bel schemes with Cyrus of Persia to take over the empire. The Mountain Girl, who loves Prince Belshazzar of Babylon, learns of the plot and tries to warn the prince, but she arrives too late. She dies during a battle with the invading forces, while the prince and his sweetheart Attarea commit suicide rather than submit to the tyranny of Cyrus and the high priest. 

Distribution Company: Wark Producing Corp.; Road Show
Production Company: D. W. Griffith; Wark Producing Corp.
Director: D. W. Griffith (Dir)
  George Siegmann (Asst dir)
  W. S. Van Dyke (Asst dir)
Producer: D. W. Griffith (Pres)
  D. W. Griffith (Prod)
Writer: D. W. Griffith (Scen)
  Anita Loos (Titles)

Subject Major: Babylon
  France--History--16th century
  Jesus Christ
  Religious persecution
Subject Minor: Biblical characters
  Catherine de M├ędicis, Queen, Consort of Henry II, 1519-1589
  Charles IX, King of France, 1550-1574
  Child custody
  Confession (Law)
  Cyrus, King of Persia, 550-529 B.C
  False arrests
  Military invasion
  St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, 1572

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