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The Slave
Director: William Nigh (Dir)
Release Date:   3 Jun 1917
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Cast: Valeska Suratt  (Caroline)
  Violet Palmer  (Dulce)
  Eric Mayne  (Dr. Atwell)

Summary: Caroline, a Fifth Avenue shopgirl, is repeatedly urged by her needy mother to marry the wealthy old man who met her in her place of work. The night before giving her answer, Caroline dreams that she is the protagonist in a novel called The King's Favorite . She is pampered as long as she finds favor in his eyes, but when he insists that there be no child born, Caroline, pregnant, flees from the house and gives her baby to some nuns. After her husband's death, Caroline inherits his wealth and abandons herself to a life of pleasure. Her punishment comes when a younger man she really loves discovers her past and jilts her. At this point, Caroline awakens from her dream. The next morning, when the old man proposes to her again at the shop, she rejects him. 

Distribution Company: Fox Film Corp.
Production Company: Fox Film Corp.
Director: William Nigh (Dir)
Writer: William Nigh (Scen)

Subject Major: Dreams
  Proposals (Marital)
Subject Minor: Books
  Mothers and daughters
  New York City

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