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Director: Reginald Barker (Dir)
Release Date:   26 Jan 1919
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Cast: Geraldine Farrar  (Muriel Barnes, earlier known as Cora Lamont)
  Milton Sills  (Judson Barnes)
  Tom Santschi  (Jack McGoff)

Summary: Devoted mother and wife Muriel Barnes is married to prominent businessman Judson Barnes. When Frank Craftley, a promoter of fake mining enterprises, gains social access to her home, he believes he has seen Muriel before, and realizes that his partner, miner Jack McGoff, has a photograph of her as Cora Lamont. McGoff had married Cora in Alaska while he already had a wife, and forced Cora to become a dance hall girl. Cora had escaped by shooting McGoff in self-defense. Craftley works upon Muriel's fears until she persuades her husband to go west to examine Craftley's claim. McGoff visits Muriel, who has set up a ruse. Aware that there is a policeman below, Muriel arranges the room to appear as if there had been a robbery, and then screams for help. McGoff is killed after opening fire on the policeman. The shadows of Muriel's past are dispersed. 

Distribution Company: Goldwyn Distributing Corp.
Production Company: Goldwyn Pictures Corp.; Diva Pictures, Inc.
Director: Reginald Barker (Dir)
Producer: Samuel Goldwyn (Pres)
Writer: J. G. Hawks (Titles)
  Willard Mack (Story)

Subject Major: Bigamy
Subject Minor: Alaska
  Dance hall girls

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