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Director: Robert Z. Leonard (Dir)
Release Date:   14 Jan 1918
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Cast: Mae Murray  (Joan Darby)
  Clarissa Selwynne  (Mrs. Van Twiller)
  Florence Carpenter  (Margaret Van Twiller)

Summary: When not delivering laundry, waif Joan Darby spends most of her time in the streets. In order to earn enough money to buy a new dress, Joan promotes a boxing match between Kid Maguire and the leader of an opposing gang. Absconding with the receipts from the match, Joan goes to the city where she obtains a job as a stenographer. Years later, she again meets Maguire who threatens to expose her unless she assists him in a holdup. Joan reluctantly agrees, is caught, and sentenced to the reformatory. En route, she leaps from the train and is rescued by Bertram Van Twiller, a wealthy young man who offers her the refuge of his home. At a ball, Joan again meets Maguire who, having stolen one of the guests' necklaces, forces his former accomplice to conceal it. Van Twiller, upon discovering the transaction, accuses Joan of the crime until he overhears her arguing with Maguire and realizes that she has been the robber's unwilling victim. 

Distribution Company: Bluebird Photoplays, Inc.
Production Company: Bluebird Photoplays, Inc.
Director: Robert Z. Leonard (Dir)
Writer: Fred Myton (Scen)
  Robert Z. Leonard (Story)
  Mae Murray (Story)

Subject Major: Balls (Parties)
Subject Minor: Boxing
  Delivery men

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