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Diane of the Follies
Director: William Christy Cabanne (Dir)
Release Date:   24 Sep 1916
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Cast: Lillian Gish  (Diane)
  Sam de Grasse  (Phillips Christy)
  Howard Gaye  (Don Livingston)

Summary: Aristocrat Phillips Christy, an emotionless amateur sociologist, believes that people are shaped by environment, and when he falls in love with Diane, a follies actress, he vows to put theory into practice. By marrying Diane, he feels that he will cultivate all of her "better" qualities. After a few years of Phillips' high-tone, high-brow lifestyle, however, Diane yearns for a return to the stage, and when Phillips disapproves of a visit from some of her theatrical friends, she leaves her husband and daughter Bijou, and becomes a Broadway star. When Bijou dies suddenly, Phillips asks Diane to come back to him after the funeral, but Diane tells him that she will stay on the stage and that the different lives they have chosen mean that they will never see each other again. 

Distribution Company: Triangle Film Corp.
Production Company: Fine Arts Film Co.
Director: William Christy Cabanne (Dir)
Writer: Granville Warwick (Scen)

Subject Major: Class distinction
  Show business
  Show girls
  Upper classes
Subject Minor: Desertion (Marital)
  New York City--Broadway
  Snobs and snobbishness

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