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Clancy's Kosher Wedding
Director: Arvid E. Gillstrom (Dir)
Release Date:   17 Sep 1927
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Cast: George Sidney  (Hyman Cohen)
  Will Armstrong  (Timothy Clancy)
  Ann Brody  (Mamma Cohen)

Summary: Hyman Cohen and Tim Clancy, proprietors of adjacent clothing stores, both resent the fact that their children, Leah and Tom, are exceedingly fond of each other; the Cohens would rather see Leah with Izzy Murphy, a Jewish prizefighter. At a picnic, Izzy and Tom engage in combat for Leah's hand, and Tim and Hyman wager their savings on the fight. Leah, told that Tom's probable victory will cause her father to lose everything, tries to persuade Tom to desist; instead, learning of his father's wager, he topples Izzy. The Cohens are dispossessed, and Hyman is forced to become a peddler; missing their old friends, the Clancys take them in as equal partners in business. 

Distribution Company: Film Booking Offices of America
Production Company: R-C Pictures Corp.
Director: Arvid E. Gillstrom (Dir)
  Ken Marr (Asst dir)
Producer: Joseph P. Kennedy (Pres)
Writer: J. G. Hawks (Scr)
  Curtis Benton (Adpt)
  Gilbert Pratt (Adpt)
  Al Boasberg (Story)

Subject Major: Boxers
  Clothing industry
  Peddlers and peddling

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