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Wild Bill Hickok
Director: Clifford S. Smith (Dir)
Release Date:   2 Dec 1923
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Cast: William S. Hart  (Wild Bill Hickok)
  Ethel Grey Terry  (Calamity Jane)
  Kathleen O'Connor  (Elaine Hamilton)

Summary: The initial scenes, in Washington, depict important political and military persons of the Civil War period. In the aftermath, renowned gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok retires to Dodge City, where he puts aside his weapons and becomes a card dealer. Hickok comes forward when the local lawmen ask him to help rid Dodge City of its lawless elements; he visits General Custer to retrieve his sword, thus symbolizing his return to active life; but McQueen, the gang's leader, escapes. Hickok hunts him down and shoots him, then leaves Dodge City with a broken heart--he fell in love with a woman already married. 

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures
Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corp.
Director: Clifford S. Smith (Dir)
Producer: Adolph Zukor (Pres)
  William S. Hart (Prod)
Writer: J. G. Hawks (Scen)
  William S. Hart (Wrt)

Subject Major: Calamity Jane
  General George Armstrong Custer
  Dodge City (KS)
  Wild Bill Hickok
  Abraham Lincoln
  Bat Masterson
  General Philip Henry Sheridan
  United States. Marshals

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