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The Phantom of the Opera
Director: Rupert Julian (Dir)
Release Date:   15 Nov 1925
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Cast: Lon Chaney  (The Phantom)
  Mary Philbin  (Christine Daae)
  Norman Kerry  (Raoul de Chagny)

Summary: Christine Daae, an understudy at the Paris Opera, is guided to stardom by a mysterious and compelling voice that emanates from behind the walls of her dressing room. The voice eventually summons her to a meeting, and she discovers a sinister man whose face is covered by a mask. He demands that she give up her fiancĂ©, Raoul, and devote herself to her music and her mentor. She agrees, and he allows her to sing again. Realizing that she is going back on her word, The Phantom kidnaps Christine, takes her to his underground chambers, and is revealed, when his mask is removed, to be hideous beyond description. Raoul and Ledoux (of the secret police) follow The Phantom, and he traps them in an infernal device. A mob follows, and The Phantom flees. Raoul and Ledoux escape, rescuing Christine. The mob forces The Phantom into the Seine, where he drowns, grotesquely defiant to the last. 

Distribution Company: Universal Pictures Corp.
Production Company: Universal Pictures Corp.
Director: Rupert Julian (Dir)
  Edward Sedgwick (Addl dir)
Producer: Carl Laemmle (Pres)
Writer: Raymond Schrock (Adpt)
  Elliott J. Clawson (Adpt)
  Tom Reed (Titles)

Subject Major: Detectives
  Faust (Opera)
  Paris (France)
  Unrequited love

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