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Oh Sailor Behave
Director: Archie Mayo (Dir)
Release Date:   16 Aug 1930
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Cast: Irene Delroy  (Nanette Dodge)
  Charles King  (Charlie Carroll)
  Lowell Sherman  (Prince Kosloff)

Summary: Social climber Nanette Dodge and Charlie Carroll, a reporter for the Paris Herald sent to interview a Romanian general, meet in Venice and fall in love. At the same time, Simon and Peter, American sailors, are searching for a peg-legged robber and become embroiled in trouble with Louisa, a local siren who leads them on. Charlie, thwarted in his interview, is aided by Kuni, the general's favorite. In London, Nanette's sister, Mitzi, receives a blackmail threat from Kosloff, a Russian prince with whom she has had an affair; Nanette determines to vamp the prince so as to obtain the incriminating letters, but he tricks her and she is forced to marry him to save her sister. Learning of her marriage, Charlie decides to marry Kuni. But Nanette arrives with an explanation. The prince kidnaps Nanette but is shot when he appears disguised as the general, leaving Charlie and Nanette free to marry. 

Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
Director: Archie Mayo (Dir)
Writer: Joseph Jackson (Scr)
  Joseph Jackson (Dial)
  Sid Silvers (Addl dial)

Subject Major: Paris Herald (Newspaper)
  London (England)
  Social climbers
  Venice (Italy)

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