A Walk On the Moon
1999, 105 min.
A Punch Production
In Association With Village Roadshow Pictures - Groucho Film Partnership
Miramax Films

Bobby Boriello (Daniel Kantrowitz) Diane Lane (Pearl Kantrowitz), Anna Paquin (Alison Kantrowitz), Tovah Feldshuh (Lilian Kantrowitz), Liev Schreiber (Marty Kantrowitz), Stewart Bick (Neil Leiberman), Jess Platt (Herb Fogler), Mahee Paiment (Mrs. Dymbort), Star Jasper (Rhoda Leiberman), Ellen David (Eleanor Gelfand), Lisa Bronwyn Moore (Norma Fogler), Viggo Mortensen (Walker Jerome), Vicky Barkoff (Selma Levitsky), Tamar Kozlov (Wendy Green), Lisa Jakub (Myra Naidell), Joseph Perrino (Ross Epstein), Jesse Lavendel (Carl Applebaum), James Liboiron (Jeffrey Fogler), Howard Rosenstein (Sheldon Dymbort), Mal Z. Lawrence (Comedian)

Prod Dustin Hoffman, Tony Goldwyn, Jay Cohen, Neil Koenigsberg, Lee Gottsegen, Murray Schisgal ; Dir Tony Goldwyn; Scr Pamela Gray; Dir of photog Anthony Richmond B. S. C; Music Mason Daring; Editor Dana Congdon; Prod Des Dan Leigh; Cos Jess Goldstein

Genre: Drama

Summary: A WALK ON THE MOON is a provocative and poignant romantic comedy about one New York housewife's personal sexual revolution. It is the summer of 1969. The Apollo Mission is on its way to the moon. The war in Vietnam and the war against it at home are raging. Flower power is in, the Establishment is out. Yet life hasn't changed one bit for Pearl Kantrowitz (Diane Lane), a beautiful, young housewife who feels like these catalytic times are passing her by. Far from getting turned on and tuned out, she's been busy raising children and being a faithful wife. This summer, while others are on their way to march on Washington and to find enlightenment in India, Pearl is en route to Dr. Fogler's Bungalows, a Catskills summer resort where Sinatra, keeping kosher and kvellhing are the order of the day. But what lies ahead is her own season of sensuous discovery and tumultuous changes. In this summer of love, the Kantrowitz family is about to explore exactly what love means. Pearl brings in tow her urgently adolescent daughter Alison (Anna Paquin) and her precocious young son Daniel, as well as their meddling yet eerily prophetic grandmother (Tovah Feldshuh). But staying behind is her husband Marty (Liev Schreiber), an admittedly square but devoted television repairman to whom Pearl fears she was married far too young and far too soon. At Dr. Fogler's Bungalows, the world is normally kept at bay. The only outside visitors are travelling salesmen who show up each day with something special for the ladies. There's the "Knish Man," "The Ice Cream Man" and then there's "The Blouse Man," who drives his eagerly-awaited bus filled with women's fashions to the resort. This year, there's a new "Blouse Man": Walker Jerome (Viggo Mortenson), a charming and quietly seductive hippie whose compliments make even the old grandmothers on vacation feel sexy. In spite of herself, Lane is drawn as if by a magnet to Walker Jerome. His uninhibited lifestyle inspires her and his simmering sexuality intrigues. Soon, she is doing the unthinkable: wearing tie-dye, skinny dipping and having a dangerous and sexually daring affair. Pearl cannot help herself even as she begins to realize the consequences of her intense attraction and even as she tries to stop Alison from indulging her own sexual stirrings. Pearl is having the time of her life and she is finally becoming the person she always wanted to be. But when her foray to the Woodstock Festival in the arms of Walker Jerome results in a shattering family revelation, she must reconcile her old life with her new desires and dreams.